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“As far as we are concerned PCB is a provider of reliable workers who help us deliver the best services for our residents.”


PCB is a proven solution, designed by our client’s demands and unique circumstances which have evolved over the last three decades and now provide specialist recruitment, training and business partnerships to the wider health and social care sectors across the Midlands and throughout the London Boroughs. Our sister company InTouch Care is a CQC regulated provider whom is a specialist within regulated activities and their quality operating policies creates the bedrock foundation for our ethical approaches and compliant nature.

A true people business, we are passionate about the detail, the personalities and most importantly the outcomes of all of our actions and involvements. Consequently, we take ownership of our responsibilities and partner with all stake holders supported by, or reliant upon our services.

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We have over 30 years experience of supporting the needs of clients just like you

We undertake continual evaluation and assessment underpinned by classroom based training

We apply BEST PRACTICE policies and are CQC regulated, providing absolute client assurance and peace of mind.

We develop tangible relationships with our staff resulting in an average 3 year retention rate for our Care staff.

We offer consistency and continuity of response and service from a local team 24/7.

We have exacting standards of recruitment, vetting and final selection before matching individuals to the needs of YOUR service.

Supporting those in residential settings, working on a 24 hour basis, providing personal care and companionship for those whom found it difficult to cope at home without assistance. Providing support and personal care for those whom receive frequent, specialised nursing care.

Supporting across many registered care settings, providing care for people 18 to 65 whom have physical disabilities and are unable to look after themselves in their own home.

Working with specialist facilities and using various specialised equipment as part of a highly skilled team whom are responsible for catering to a wide range of disabilities and needs. Caring for young physically disabled people means helping to create an atmosphere that encourages social interaction. Encouraging independence and helping to retain movement or simply making sure service users are comfortable.

Supporting with specialist care in order to stimulate and encourage residents with reduced ability to understand and cope independently by working in a person-centric way.

We have a vast experience of supporting adults, children and young people in the following settings/circumstances; Day Care services, Residential Care, Supported Living, Educational settings, Community Support (PA’s and buddies), Respite, Holidays and Activity Camps, Events, Conferences, Meetings and Social Events.

PCB take a consultancy approach in supporting the fulfilment of your Permanent Vacancies, no matter what their category or salary range. We provide a raft of services designed to meet your exact needs and remain flexible on our pricing models whether that be for a single post or in the management of a national campaign supported by any of our service models.
This is the care provided for people with an illness where recovery is not expected. We understand how difficult and emotional these situations are, which is why we provide respectful, pro-active carers whom encompass relative’s needs also during these last days of life, by ensuring their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs are considered and met where ever possible.

Working closely with statutory, private, charitable and voluntary sector organisations to ensure customers are supported during their transitional circumstances.

Offering floating support and outreach services to people in the following settings; Foyers, Refuge’s, Hostels, Homelessness, Re-settlement, Rehabilitation & Social Housing.

Since 1997 PCB have been providing the highest quality staff to the wider child care service communities. We have a proud history of placing qualified Nursery Nurses, teaching assistants, play leaders, Managers and all associated roles. Special Educational Needs forms a core pillar of our service provision and we accommodate temporary, contract and all Permanent requirements.

We supply a wide range of nursing auxiliary support, healthcare assistants and support workers with specific skills tailored to complex care requirements, supporting people to remain in their own home. We have experience of supporting; Complex Care- Adults, Children and Young People, Palliative Care, Head and Spinal Injury rehabilitation, Home ventilation and respiratory support, Renal Care, 24 Hour Live In Care, Learning Disabilities Support.
We support a vast array of specialist services that support people living with conditions such as; Anxiety and Panic attacks, Bipolar Disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Dissociative Disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder, Eating Problems, Hypomania/Mania, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Paranoia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Psychosis, Phobia’s.
Supporting people with moderate or severe hearing loss and moderate to severe sight loss. The combination of the two often adds up to a serious disability which impact the lives and health of service users we support. Older people who are deaf-blind have higher rates of a range of conditions, including stroke, arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, falls and depression. Dual sensory loss presents challenges such as feelings of isolation, boredom, stress, depression and withdrawal. All of these are modelled within our training courses when supporting either within a residential or domiciliary setting.

Challenging behaviour presents in many various forms including; tantrums, hitting, kicking others, throwing things, over activity, inappropriate social or sexual conduct, bizarre mannerisms, eating of inappropriate objects, aggressive, destructive and self-injurious behaviour.

We have a vast experience of working with this client group and offer a suite of training courses geared to prepare and provide on-going support to staff engaged with such packages. We fully appreciate that there are many associated risks with this type of client group and equally understand that many of these behaviours can be linked to difficulty in communicating basic needs or wishes, which then simply manifest in a representative behaviour. Therefore attention to the detail of the care or support plan and a person centred approach are paramount for our staff.

All occupational health requirements as laid down by the Department Of Health (DOH) are met by documentary evidence and underpinned by CQC regulations. Additional and bespoke training is accommodated by our in-house facility for all HCA and CSW roles, providing full flexibility and speed of response no matter what the environment. We provide RMN/RGN/RNLD qualified nurses and a full range of Occupational health professionals, either on a Temporary, contract or Permanent basis to both the Public and private sectors.