Proof in the pudding

Further to our blog 'Careers fair success' which was published on 6th April 2017, we are delighted to follow this up with the sharing of a wonderful testimonial received from one of the delegates present on the day. This is the story of Anuradha, one of many people that expressed a keen interest within N-Trust Care Services during this event. Like many of them she too was very sceptical about 'recruitment businesses' a view largely informed by some bad press and much negative hearsay. She can therefore be forgiven for approaching our stand with more than a little trepidation and then thanked for her honest feedback, reflections and thoughts of her own personal experience outside of these rumours and second hand accounts.

Whilst I'm sure there are many such similar accounts and even more story tellers looking to promote these anecdotes, we felt that this genuine tale deserved to be told and framed in the words of the author herself. It reflects a story which we hope will not only resonate with many trying to break into care, but will remind all of our other successful candidates of their own positive experience with N-Trust.

Like Anuradha you too can share your direct exposures and help promote a positive message about our agency services and life working as a carer, thereby providing some much needed reassurance to those looking for a local professional recruitment partner. So get in touch and let us have your story, it just might be the deciding factor for those wrestling with important career decisions.

The following is the transcript of the 'thank you' Anuradha kindly penned and allowed us to share with you, our readers:

''My experience with N-Trust has been, for lack of better words, amazing! Being a graduate with no experience within the care setting left me with a lot of closed doors. I saw a job fair advertised on Facebook and first encountered N-Trust here. Staff were so friendly and reassuring, treating me as an individual. They provided me with a platform to enter into care with all the support I needed. A week after my interview I was trained, checked and ready for work, feeling confident and prepared to work within the care industry. Not one staff member had a negative attitude. Interviews, training and support are always approached with a friendly smile and as much assistance needed.
N-Trust has completely changed any negative comments I have heard about agencies and I am now very proud to be a part of N-Trust. ''

To offer some further context to Anuradha's journey up to this point, I would like to offer the following time line:

The jobs fair was run on the 5th April, following her consultation Anuradha came in for a formal interview, held at our Wolverhampton offices on the 10th April and was offered an external interview with one of our clients for the very next day. She interviewed with the client on the 11th and was deservedly offered a permanent opportunity through our popular 'Temporary to Permanent' scheme, which she was delighted to accept. She was so enthused by this process, she committed pen to paper on the 13th April and is currently scheduled to complete her practical manual handling training, starting her new job shortly afterwards.

Whilst N-Trust typically recruit contract staff that are required to evidence a minimum of 6 months paid experience, we also partner with a number of Care Providers whom retain our services in a bid to identify candidates to fulfil their own internal full and part time posts. Many of these clients offer a gateway into care and are always keen to interview those who can demonstrate exceptional attitude, excellent communication skills and remain totally flexible in their willingness to work across a 24/7 platform.

We support this strategy by providing ALL mandatory training courses, these being classroom based, trainer led and supported by a full review of learning. We further provide the theory element of a blended Care Certificate which in collaboration with our client is later signed off following their observation of practical application within the service/theatre of operation.

We provide a full suite of references, complete enhanced DBS checks on ALL and add any bespoke training courses which may be specifically commissioned by our clients, in order to achieve full compliance prior to contract engagement.

N-Trust are CQC registered and therefore align our own recruitment processes with those providers working within the regulated activities sector and so whilst we are a professional recruitment business, we approach those responsibilities as seriously as would a care provider operating as part of the local business community.

With the industry haemorrhaging staff, with around 9000 carers per week leaving the industry nationally, it's never been more important for service providers to have a robust recruitment and training plan and a strategy which reflects all the benefits of working in this amazingly rewarding sector. Partnering with N-Trust provides all the benefits of a dedicated H.R. function with none of the associated costs. So to find out more about our services or to register for work, simply contact a member of our team on (01902) 907907. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you to Anuradha for sharing her story and we wish her every success with her forward career.

The team at N-Trust.

Careers fair success

Fantastic day at the “Careers in Care” jobs fair yesterday which was staged at the Molineux stadium and involved over 30 local organisations covering the complete spectrum of Health and Social Care. A vast array of career opportunities, from temporary, contract and permanent posts through to many apprenticeship schemes, were presented and promoted throughout the event.

Our ladies, Monique and Lovelin pictured here, were run ragged on the busiest stand of the day and didn’t have a moment to themselves as they managed to engage with over 70 potential candidates during the half day event. A phenomenal result with which we couldn’t be happier, WELL DONE ladies, you’re a class act.

Thank you ALSO to everyone that registered an interest in working with N-Trust, the event is all about you and our business simply wouldn’t function without exceptional candidates like yourself, representing our services. We will of course be in contact with each one of you shortly to discuss your specific needs and career aspirations in greater detail.

N-Trust have a range of exciting opportunities and are always seeking talented and motivated individuals to join our team, where we value our people as much as the work that we do. We have a strong set of company values, which are central to how we recruit, motivate, retain and develop our staff, and we are keen that our people demonstrate and promote these values in all aspects of their work, whether that be on a temporary, contract or permanent footing.

Our belief is that by developing our people we enable them to reach their potential, which in turn, helps achieve our overall business objectives and creates the behaviours we want to see demonstrated within the business.

N-Trust has an in-house training centre which caters for the training needs of all N-Trust staff, this classroom based, trainer led approach caters for individual learning styles and avoids many of the pitfalls associated with e-learning. This real-life, hands on and interactive exposure is proven to reduce risk and expedite smoother integration into new environments and often very testing services.

Training is free at the point of delivery for those with a proven 6 months’ experience via paid employment, where qualifying references can be secured. Costed courses are also available for those looking to up-date their skills, extend their training portfolio or looking to kickstart their career in care.

If you are interested in a career within care or want more information on the training we can provide, then please visit and upload your CV or download our training brochure. Alternatively, you can contact a member of our recruitment team on (01902) 907907. We would love to hear from you.

Congratulations to Simran!

N-Trust would like to congratulate Simran Phokela on the successful completion of her Probationary Period and welcome her aboard as a Permanent member of the team.

Simran is pictured here with Ashley Ratcliff, the hub Manager, and some of her colleagues, who coincidentally are all members of the Vino Club? Giving Simmy (as she likes to be called) a warm welcome to the team. Simran has been supported throughout her structured training program by Ashley championing a “Buddy System” approach, where all duties are learned through practical application and “hands on” experience. Therefore, Simran offers a level of independence and added value to the team on an immediate footing and clients can be rest assured that she is fully integrated into our culture.

Ashley commented that “Simran is a joy to work with, her thirst for knowledge and willingness to take on-board new skills is limitless, she has a sunny disposition, eye for detail and sense of propriety. Whilst we operate in a target driven environment and all are slaves to time, Simran doesn’t yield to pressure for short cut’s or half measures and therefore demonstrates a maturity beyond her years. I’m very happy to call Simran a member of my team and believe that she is one to watch.

Simran is part of our trainee program, which is a bespoke in-house course, designed to home-grow consultants that embody the culture of our business proposition without the contamination of mixed messages from conflicting ideals. N-Trust are a recruitment specialist with a difference and that difference needs to be experienced to be understood, this is as true for our internal staff as it is for our clients. So, the probationary period is as much a measure of an individual’s character and integrity as it is their innate ability to understand the business model we promote.

The trainee program encompasses a 12-month course, during which time Simran will be schooled in ALL aspects of recruitment within the Health and Social Care sector, in preparation of her becoming a true 360-degree consultant. This will enable her to manage client requests and entire accounts, through a “root to branch” methodology. This complete understanding of the organic process is further enhanced by field exercises, where Simran will be fully engaged at the coalface.

N-Trust’s empathic approach to service provision is made possible by the “make up” of our operational team, the clear majority of whom are former care workers. Simran also falls into this category and following completion of her probationary period, she will be scheduled onto her Mandatory Refresher course and up-dates on Practical Manual Handling, together with medication training.

N-Trust’s training is trainer led, classroom based and provides for further integration into our client’s own service profiles as Staff like Simran bring that insight and understanding of their clients’ needs back into the training environment. So, whilst anonymity and integrity are assured, genuine need and working practice are addressed and catered for. Again, this informs our selection process and improves candidate assignment success and satisfaction ratio’s.

Simran commented that she was extremely happy to have navigated her probationary period and is extremely excited about kicking off her permanent career with N-Trust. She recently passed her driving test, which she considered to be life-changing and having now passed her Probationary period, she recognizes its equal value, importance and future potential for achieving her ultimate goals.

N-Trust are proud to have Simran as part of their team and would wish her every success in her future endeavours.