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Due to our established network of clients across the UK we are uniquely placed to offer genuine insight to leading care providers with whom we have developed close working partnerships over almost three decades of trade. Our intimate knowledge of their culture, service, visions and values simply means that we are a trusted supplier and any candidates that we represent or endorse, therefore become highly valued.

We also manage a number of preferred supplier agreements and can provide a shop window to many sought after positions which simply aren’t advertised or accessible on any other platform.

We therefore work tirelessly with all candidates to ensure that we come to fully understand what their own priorities are, enabling us to identify the best match possible assessed against an agreed priority of desires and core asset list. So by placing equal measure of importance on the needs of both parties, we can assure all of our clients of the best possible outcome.

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Nationwide our clients trust us to undertake recruitment campaigns to meet strategic needs or hire entire teams so confident are they of our skills at matching to and promoting their organisation’s brand within our extensive candidate network. Masters at acting as an extension of their HR function, our team promote all the things about their organisation that make them unique.

Mandy Crowford, Director of WSPLD Adults Services, said “The ratio of successful applicants and diversity of candidates was noticeable during this period. We were also able to work with PCB on identifying gaps and trends which were then supported though the first stage screening, for example a focus on part time workers or a need to meet skills in complex needs. The focused campaign allowed us to support skills development of recruiters including people with learning disabilities who co hosted and facilitated the sessions, an essential component of our recruitment.

We are preferred suppliers to organisations throughout the south and midlands and we can quickly match your abilities to the most suitable roles where you live.

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