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The ultimate bank staff solution

The ultimate bank staff solution

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PCB is the Recruitment Specialist within a composite business which services the wider Health and Social Care communities across London and the Midland regions. We provide temporary, contract and permanent staffing solutions and have 4 distinct specialist provisions, Social Care, Child Care, Permanent Staffing solutions and Training services.

We therefore operate in a very broad range of market sectors and consequently have developed a huge and diverse “candidate pool” together with an extensive network of passive talent, over the last three decades. This is a reservoir which our equally extensive client base capitalises upon when partnering with PCB. In a maturing market which is seeing the lowest unemployment rates in decades, the candidate is becoming more and more sought after and understanding how to stand out as the employer of choice as never been more important. PCB, TAKE THE RISK OUT of your recruitment strategy and assure you of a genuine return on your investment. Tap into the benefits your competitors are accustomed to by calling us today.

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PCB operate a “non-prescriptive” MODEL when it comes to Service design and delivery.

This guarantee’s that you will never get an “off the shelf” response from us. Your specific service needs become the architecture of our DESIGN BRIEF and therefore YOU dictate the exact nature of the underpinning service you receive. This compliments both your own visions and values, cascading a shared ethos through real partnership and collaboration.

Ultimate continuity and consistency may only be achieved through the delivery of competent, compliant and motivated staff. To this end, reliance is placed on infra-structure which is constructed of grid-iron policies and procedures, designed to protect all stake-holders against and from the vagaries of human nature. Uncompromising and beyond reproach this ingrained ethos is further protected from individual influence, personal motive or financial gain by tiered and shared responsibilities.

PCB apply practical and principled quality operating procedures and recognise the standards of the Care Quality Commission. Standards which are audited by an independent verifier appointed by the larger group. Eligibility, screening, payroll and human resources all operate independently of each other and therefore provide additional checks and balances at each stage of the pre-operational vetting assessment.

All occupational health requirements as laid down by the Department of Health (DOH) are met by documentary evidence. All additional and associated training is also covered by our in-house facility for HCA and CSW roles.

We place your loved one at the centre of everything we do and therefore treat them with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Your peace of mind and their security is assured through investment of our rigorous screening, vetting and training programmes. This means that all of our home care and support workers are tried and trusted members of staff, having completed their staged induction, staggered work placements and personal development plan, prior to supporting you or your loved one. This of course ensures that there is no doubt in their ability, attitude or aptitude for the type of specific care or support package designed to best meet the exact needs and targeted outcomes of the care plan, as well as supporting general wellbeing.

Given our extensive reservoir of staff, continuous recruitment and dedicated training facilities designed to support our other diverse range of services, we have an unrivalled ability to react quickly and effectively to the individual needs of any service user, be that for emergency cover through to support with complex health needs on a 24 hour basis.

Never one to follow the TREND! PCB innovate and adapt to both the needs of the market, and more importantly it’s ever expanding client base. Providing diverse and layered CARE, TRAINING and RECRUITMENT solutions across a suite of services and disciplines, means that we are “Uniquely” placed to provide a genuinely consultative service and an array of optional outcomes designed to meet a sensible budget.

Making that initial decision to take a different route away from your well-worn, more familiar or traditional path, can quite often be a very daunting prospect as the task of “bridging the perceived gap” may appear to be far more risky than the potential rewards?

Rest assured that you don’t have to rely on faith as PCBs pedigree is actually built on 40 years Industry experience and is part of the national business, the gap personnel group! A leading provider of staffing and outsourced people related services with 23 specialist recruitment companies across 37 locations. The gap personnel group continue to evolve through innovation, service excellence, passion and a strong belief in its core values.

It’s this unbridled approach to wanting to become recognised as the best in class for everything it does, which provides you peace of mind and you can therefore rest assured that you are in the safest of hands. Feel empowered to make an informed decision and not an inspired one, call us today and discover the difference.

Collaboration being an absolute tenant of our service, we invest heavily within communication and we are therefore never embarrassed to ask the obvious or for the obvious to be asked of ourselves. We realise that “the devil sits in the detail” so avoid assumptive conclusions preferring to take a client centred approach, opposed to simply relying on our experience and knowledge.