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Providing the highest quality staff to the education sector since 1997

“We cannot recommend PCB Child Care highly enough. All their staff are qualified, efficient and supportive in whatever is asked of them.”

About Child Care

Since 1997 PCB Child Care has been providing the highest quality staff to the education sector. Whether you are a private pre-school or a special educational needs facility, PCB Care has two decades of experience sourcing, vetting, training and delivering the most respected permanent and temporary child care staff in the UK.

Our history and depth of experience placing qualified nursery nurses, teaching assistants, play leaders, managers and more, for state and private organisations, has allowed the majority of our clients to choose only to use PCB. Our clients’ desire to work with PCB exclusively enables us to provide an unparalleled service and applicants can access vacancies they are not able to find with other agencies.

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The little things really do matter

Recruiting dedicated professionals for special educational needs is a core pillar of our services and we continue to support children who face the greatest challenges by providing outstanding service with exceptional staff.

“We cannot recommend PCB Child Care highly enough. All their staff are efficient and supportive, whatever is asked of them. Their communication, attention to detail and professionalism are second-to-none. We have chosen to only work with PCB as they know the high standard of worker we require and they never fail to deliver.”

Manager (Nursery and Pre-school) Finchley